Reliable source of revenue not to be underestimated

Often underestimated, but essential as a reliable source of revenue: clocks! In contemporary designs, they still reliably provide their service in almost every kitchen, office, bedroom, living room and bathroom. Carl Engelkemper Münster offers a large, up-to-the-minute range of alarm clocks, table clocks, wall clocks and weather stations, tailored to the market and the target customers of specialist retailers, at saleable price levels. From modern to classic, technical and functional to child-friendly, they cater to every customer’s needs. As well as our own brand ADORA, we also offer Atlanta, AMS, ASSO, Hermle, Seiko, Techno Line, Rhythm, Marschall and NeXtime. Benefit from the 3 % range discount for all common ADORA ranges.