Abeler & Söhne

Time is not something from someone somewhere

An Abeler & Söhne ladies’ or men’s watch represents refined understatement and modern zeitgeist. Every single watch combines the outstanding quality and features of a product made in Germany with the experience and reliable service of a partner that has been active on the market for more than 160 years. Its design is defined by clean lines. Its timeless look makes it a real all-rounder – not just beautiful to look at, but comfortable to wear. With core pricing at between EUR 250 and 350, Abeler & Söhne fills a popular gap in the market.

Perfection in its most beautiful form – timeless and classic – watches with esteem and an attitude of style and elegance in line with the family tradition – this credo is the vision and guiding principle of every Abeler & Söhne piece. Those who wear an Abeler & Söhne are maintaining the pioneering spirit of its creator and his principle of creating work that maintains its value. 

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