SO COSI Jewellery

Tribute to a friendship

“Thank you for everything”

A friendship that has lasted unconditionally for more than 25 years, despite a distance of 420 kilometres, deserves a very special sign of appreciation. Young designer Helena Reich founded the jewellery label SO COSI as a tribute to her best friend since childhood Cosima, to say “thank you for everything”. The jewellery is intended to accompany the wearer consistently through every situation life throws at her, act as a lucky charm, and be a visible sign of the bond between two friends, sisters, or mother and daughter. It is intended to provide motivation not to take life too seriously, but to view the world with a twinkle in your eye. And what better way to express that sentiment in today’s age of digitalisation than by wearing playful, funny and happy faces on a necklace?!

Carl Engelkemper Münster took over specialist retail sales of the jewellery of the SO COSI and SO COSI Disney brands across Germany in July 2018.

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